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A friend, a brother in the faith and in U.S. Navy service, Stan was born 11 August 1929, and passed on to his eternal reward on 3 September 1998.

I first met Stan in Issaquah, Washington, in 1975 while I was serving as the pastor of a small rural church. Stan and his wife Betty and children were faithful members of the congregation.

For many years Iīd aspired to a ham radio license but never reached the critical mass to make it happen. Imagine my pleasure at finding that my small congregation had not one but two active hams. Like two hunting dogs on the scent of a kill Stan W7POP, and Carl WA7TOR, hounded me upon my confession of interest in amateur radio.

Stan loaned me an old Army code tape machine and Carl with his connections hung multiple dipole antennas in the Douglas fir trees around the parsonage so I could listen to code practice.

In June 1976, the two co-conspirators appeared with an envelope from the FCC and administered the novice test. A few weeks later WN7EYW was minted.

Stan, owned a printing company and for as long as he lived provided me with free QSL cards as I traveled in my later role as a Navy chaplain.

The last time I saw Stan in person was in California. He and Betty traveled a thousand miles to attend my retirement ceremony.

W7POP is now held by Stanīs son-in-law, Richard.

Gene N7EO

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